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College of Physics and Optoelectronics Holds Training Meeting on Professional accreditation and First-class Majors construction

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On August 27th, College of Physics and Optoelectronics organized the first training meeting for Accreditation of Engineering Education Majors in 2020 of CEEAA in Room 709, Science and Technology Building. Participants of the meeting included leaders of the college, the inspection section of the college, the heads of each department, staffs in the Party and Government Office, Teaching and Scientific Research Office and Student Work Office and Youth League Committee and some teachers of professional courses. 

Zhou Aijun, an accreditation expert, made a report entitled “Remain True to Our Original Aspiration, Advance with the Times and Promote Engineering Education in Depth”. Looking back to the work of engineering education accreditation and analyzing the current problems, he elaborated on the objectives, the “original mission” and development China’s Engineering Education Accreditation, the typical problems in the accreditation work and pointed out the continuous improvement work by adhering to the problem-oriented approach from the perspectives of improvement.

Chen Daoxu, an accreditation expert, made a report entitled “Stick to the Bottom Line and Reveal the Core Value of Engineering Education Professional Accreditation”. The report mainly covered four aspects: the most prominent problems in preparation of disciplines for accreditation, the way to ensure the “output-oriented” accreditation, the basic mode of accreditation, and the way to manifest the core value of accreditation truly.

Finally, the expert Le Qinghua gave a report entitled “Stick to the Bottom Line and Promote the Construction of Output-oriented Majors”. He cited examples to show that accreditation should focus on the main line. The main line is to establish an output-oriented teaching system and is made, put forward and evaluated by sticking to the graduation requirements. Self-assessment and construction and assessment of experts should adhere to the main line.

The training lasted for five hours, and the participates had a profound understanding of accreditation and first-class construction of majors. This report is a good guidance for our college to carry out the following engineering education accreditation of majors and the construction of national first-class undergraduate majors.