Associate professors
Name Research direction
CAO Ensi Gas sensing properties of semiconducting material in low dimensions;Electric and Magnetic properties of functional oxide
CHEN Jingdong Optofluidics and its applications;Novel materials microfluidics;Nano materials.
HAO Wentao Dielectric materials;Ceramic materials;
JI Ting Design and Fabrication of Photodetectors;New Structure Design and Physical Mechanism Research on Absorbers
LIU Hongli Research on Preparation and luminescent properties of Rare Earth Luminescent Materials
MA Jun Research on machine vision image perception algorithm;Research on machine vision control algorithm
WANG Juanfen Research on the transmission and control of optical wave in nonlinear optical system;Research on the physical mechanism of optical rogue wave
WANG Liping Research on Preparation and Performance of optical films
XU Lichun Computational Physics;New Energy Materials: Design and Discovery
ZHANG Yongjia Design and Research on Low Dimensional Nanostructures;Magnetic Properties and Gas Sensitivity of Semiconductor Materials;
Name Research direction
CHEN Bin Quantum optics, Cavity Optomechanics, Nonlinear Optics.
DENG Xiao Research on Intelligent Detection Technology of Ice and Snow Environment;Wireless Passive Sensor and System Design
JIA Peng Smart Optical Instrumentation;Application of Deep Learning and Machine Learning in image and signal processing;
LI Huaming Research on metal physics: high pressure behavior, thermodynamics;Liquid state physics and amorphous metals;
LIU Ruiping The crystal dislocations;Metastable Functional Materials
WANG Dong Intelligent instruments and novel sensing technology: Control theory and application research in intelligent instruments and research on photoelectric sensing technology;Novel photoelectric imaging technology: basic theory, method and application research of new imaging and related photoelectric imaging system research and development;Liquid crystal phased array technology and laser beam agile control technology, applied to laser processing, laser programmable orientation and scanning, etc
WANG Lei Synthesis and characterization of new promising lanthanide doped phosphor and scintillator materials (including nano-sized ones) ;Investigation of the dynamics and crystal structure defects and intrinsic electronic excitations (electrons, holes, e-h pairs, excitons) in wide bandgap optical materials with different electronic structure and electron-phonon coupling.
WANG Yu Optical fiber sensing technology and application;Embedded system development;Intelligent detection and control
ZHANG Yie Surface Plasmon Polaritons, Photoelectric Detector
ZHU Zipeng Research on Non Dispersive Infrared gas sensor and MCU based Opto-Electrical detection applications.